coaching & COUNSELING for Personal, Professionals, Divorce, adolescence AND Life Transitions

Yeah. You! Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, paralyzed by fear or indecision, find yourself whispering (or not), “wtf” daily? Are you struggling to decide which direction to go (right, left, up, down…..restart?)

Are you going through a divorce, a career change, growing up, empty nesting or other personal or professional overhaul?

You’ve come to the right place.

My Name is Jenny Stevens


My background in clinical counseling allows me to address any scenario with empathy and professionalism while my services as a coach allow me to be direct, honest, even humorous (you have to laugh about it sometimes).

I will help you look towards the future instead of focusing on what you can’t change (hint….it’s the past.)

For individuals seeking positive change

Jenny Stevens is the honest, approachable, no BS Personal and Professional Coach & Counselor specializing in divorce, personal and professional change and adolescents who will challenge you to find purpose, take action and keep your commitment (to yourself!) in order to make positive change.


  • You are going through a personal change: divorce, career, adolescence, death of a loved one
  • You feel clueless about your next steps
  • You are wondering what the heck is next
  • You have lost your purpose due to the change in your life
  • You are struggling to make decisions or a plan
  • You need a cheerleader or champion to get through the change

My special brand of coaching or counseling (and proven process) might be just what you seek!

Who I Can Help Change!

  • Individuals going through divorce
  • Professionals facing a career change
  • Adolescents or Parents of Adolescents facing the transition to adulthood
  • Individuals dealing with grief or loss
  • Anyone feeling stuck or overwhelmed by life’s changes

When You Need Jenny

  • Ready to make a plan to move forward
  • Ready to unpack and repack for your next phase
  • Need support with goal setting or planning
  • Facing fears, uncertainty, doubt
  • Ready to face change with courage and positivity!

How We Will Work Together

I will begin by learning about you and your goals

For professional and adolescent coaching or counseling, I will conduct assessments to learn your strengths and identify opportunities for improvement before we PAC!

Together, we will unpack and then “PAC your bags” using my PAC Plan

Jenny Steven’s PAC Plan




We will meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to check in, address issues as they arise, establish new action steps and work together towards the positive change(s) you seek!

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?

Coaching and counseling are both forms of support and guidance, but they have distinct differences in terms of their focus, goals, and methodologies:

  • Coaching: Coaching primarily focuses on helping individuals achieve specific personal or professional goals, develop skills, and enhance performance. Coaches often work with clients to identify their objectives, create action plans, and provide ongoing support and accountability to reach those goals. Coaching is forward-looking and typically assumes that the client is mentally healthy.
  • Counseling: Counseling is primarily focused on addressing emotional, psychological, or mental health issues. It aims to help individuals understand and manage their emotions, resolve past traumas, and improve their overall mental well-being. Counseling tends to deal with issues from the past that may be affecting the present.
What is the Typical Length of a Coaching Engagement?
The typical length of a coaching engagement can vary widely depending on the specific goals and needs of the client, the coaching context, and the agreement between the coach and the client. However, coaching engagements often fall into a range of several weeks to several months.

The exact duration of a coaching engagement is determined through discussions between the coach and the client when setting up the coaching agreement. Additionally, some coaching relationships are ongoing, with periodic check-ins over an extended period, especially in professional and leadership coaching.

It’s important to note that coaching can be flexible, and the duration can be adjusted to meet the changing needs and progress of the client. The ultimate goal is to help the client achieve their desired outcomes and develop the skills and mindset to sustain their progress independently.

What is the Cost for Coaching with You?
Coaching starts at $250 per hour and requires a minimum commitment. I also offer packages based on your individual goals or needs. Contact me to create a plan for you! I also offer reduced rates for special circumstances-contact me to discuss your needs.
What Can I Expect from the Coaching Experience?
I will provide you with honest and direct feedback, helping you to see your strengths and weaknesses, and identifying areas for growth. I will help hold you accountable to your goals and action plan, and help you stay focused and motivated as you work towards your objectives.
Do You Work with Individuals and Teams for Professional Coaching?
Absolutely. I can work with either an individual within an organization or each of your employees separately. I can also work with just your leadership team to create positive change or create a custom team building experience for your business.
Do You Work with Individuals and Couples for Coaching?
I can work with either individuals or couples for coaching-however, this works best for divorce coaching and not coaching for personal success which is a personal and private process.
What is a Collaborative Divorce Coach?
A Collaborative Divorce Coach is a divorce professional with a background in mental health. As your Collaborative Divorce Coach, I will be part of your Collaborative Divorce team to help you and your spouse recognize, negotiate and communicate your emotional concerns during the divorce process. I will help guide you through through the emotional bottlenecks that often slow down progress during a divorce.

While your coach may be a therapist, s/he will not act as a therapist for either you or your spouse during your divorce. Coaching is very different from therapy.

To learn more about Collaborative Divorce, read this blog. (link to forthcoming blog)

Why Should I/We Use a Divorce Coach?
Depending upon your needs, you and your spouse may use one neutral divorce coach or, you and your spouse may each have your own coach.

As your Divorce Coach, I will help you and your spouse deal with your emotions during the divorce process so that those emotions don’t hijack your divorce. I will help you and your spouse express and represent your goals, concerns, and feelings as you craft your financial and parenting agreements.

I can also help you avoid getting stuck in inflexible positions by helping you identify what you really need from their divorce agreements. I will redirect you and your spouse from focusing on blame to focusing on solutions.

They Said What??