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Workshops for Families

Sometimes families need or want help with structures and routines that foster deeper connection and healthier communications. I help families come up with a mission statement, evaluate each family member’s needs, help with conflict resolution strategies, and learn each other’s love language (Gary Chapman’s book) to achieve these goals. My Family Workshop fosters a better understanding of how and why each person shows up in the family as they do.

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Workshops for Couples

Feeling stuck and at a crossroads in your relationship? I help you figure out each other’s needs and learn each other’s love language. I teach you both how to listen with empathy, communicate without blame and ask for what you want. This workshop offers evidence based exercises to build a stronger deeper romantic connection.

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Conferences and Trade Organizations

Available as a keynote speaker on specific topics-contact me for a customized presentation or workshop.  Iacp, afcc, illinois counseling assoc

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